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Our vision is to provide high-performing Architecture that takes form through the collaborative efforts of the Project Owners, Design Team, and the Community, where each Project becomes a unique solution that demonstrates the talent of the Designers, Vision of the Owners, and enrichment of the Community.


English + Associates practices a highly collaborative design process that enables design solution to focus on our Clients’ needs while discovering synergies that maintain budgets, respect the environment, and honor our desire to create places of meaning and beauty.


At the inception of every project, we host a series of charettes to investigate a deeper level of project requirements and opportunities. Face-to-face sharing of ideas between architects, engineers, Clients, and their stakeholders enable the Team to reduce cost while reaching optimal design solutions. Through the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and early energy modeling, we are able to understand the implications of design decisions ensuring that our concepts are married to a budget from the beginning, and impacts of design solutions are identified as the project progresses.


English + Associates provides complete interior design services with the underlying philosophy that a great interior space is created from the architecture of its environment, while remaining in union with culture and performance needs of the Client. We believe that great interior spaces should be beautiful and enhance the productivity and well-being of those who work, live, study, play, and worship in them.

Sustainability is a commitment that is woven into all of the services English + Associates provides. For nearly a decade, 85% of our employees have been LEED Accredited Professionals, and in 2010, our firm became a 2030 Carbon Reduction Challenge participant. In addition to striving to reduce the carbon footprints of the buildings we design, we track and submit our progress to the AIA 2030 Commitment database. We believe that the best design decisions are not only beautiful, but meet our Clients’ needs, and minimize negative impacts on the environment and human health. We believe design can no longer isolate individual solutions from the community the project is in, and the community the end users call home.


HOW WE WORK is the greatest quality that sets English + Associates apart from other design firms. It starts by listening to our Clients with open minds. Along the journey we bring our commitment to success, design talent, sustainable principles, diversity, and “Best Practices” to the Project Team.

We understand that success is defined by meeting several goals including: high-performing design, budgets, and schedules, to name a few. Unique solutions for unique Clients keep us focused on our Client’s goals and marry our solutions to their culture. This focus leads to the ultimate goals of long-term success for our Clients and long-term working relationships.

At English + Associates, design and sustainable principles are always tied together. Reaching high performing solutions and optimal results require this partnering on everything we do. It is in our DNA and influences all projects- large to small, projects on the LEED track or just following green guidelines, and every project type.

The diversity of our work is the secret source of our strength. Lessons learned on all projects are shared throughout the office. Working in different markets maximizes our exposure to the newest trends and newest technologies. Our ONE STUDIO philosophy ensures all English + Associates staff share data quickly across the office and the ONE STUDIO philosophy produces leaders empowered to rise to any challenge. 

We rely on our “Best Practices” to keep the work and information successfully organized. We engage our best practices at the beginning of each project where the Project Team, including all of our consultant partners, meet to discuss the Client’s requirements, schedule, budget, and sustainable design goals. During the project, our best practices dovetail into our Quality Assurance /Quality Control standards. Our QA/QC standards are constantly being rewritten to keep up to date with building codes, Building Information Modeling (BIM) protocol, green design, alternative project delivery methods, and our own “Lessons Learned”. Over the last several years, we have significantly reduced Contractor Requests for Information (RFIs) and Change Orders during construction.


HOW WE WORK is the main reason why more than 90% of our work is from repeat Clients, and why the number of our repeat Clients grows each year. 

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