Fire Station

This Fire Station provides full operational capability during major crisis events, such as hurricanes or other disasters.  Our team designed a four-bay fire station that met the needs of day-to-day firefighter work while also integrating a full-featured E.O.C. shelter-in-place mission critical command center that can withstand a direct hit from a Category 5 hurricane while remaining fully functional.  Additional food and water storage can accommodate full self-sufficiency for 14 days without assistance.  Fuel reserves allow the command center complete back-up functionality.  In an emergent situation, the meeting rooms become a dormitory and, along with adequate showers and lockers, will accommodate 50 individuals for an extended period. One significant challenge was designing a structurally robust structure while providing huge openings in the building for the firefighting trucks and equipment.  We sourced rapidly deploying, bi-folding bay doors that reduce emergency response time and complement the structural integrity of the twelve-inch thick concrete walls.

Baytown, Texas

  • 20,000 ft²
  • $3.5M construction cost
  • Hurricane Category 5 / 155 mph wind load rated E.O.C.